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Lamar By Kajal EDP 100ml

LAMAR…beauty in a name, beauty in a bottle, beauty in a scent. A name with French origins Lumière, meaning light, LAMAR is also known to be liquid gold: mesmerizing, fascinating and enticing.  A scent created to reflect the beauty of a golden sun setting in the horizon with distant clouds reflecting the rich array of colours – hues of reds, yellows and golds that majestically portray the effect of the sun.  LAMAR evokes the scent of roses and jasmine that are carried over on a Mediterranean breeze from a garden that overlooks the sea and setting sun. 


LAMAR…magnificent beauty.


In the creation process of LAMAR, Mark Buxton, the renowned perfumer said “My inspiration, was to create a rich, natural, warm, long lasting fragrance, by using high quality natural products.  This gives a feeling of walking through a bed of roses or a jasmine field - very feminine and sensual.”


“The slightly fruity top note is constructed with red berries, apple, a touch of pineapple, and a few spicy elements such as cardamom and coriander oil, to give a distinct signature to the scent. This is followed by a rich bouquet: Bulgarian rose oil and Turkish rose absolute, mixed with jasmine sambac absolute and magnolia flowers.”


“The strong vibrating woody base is a mixture of amber, cashmere and cedar wood, rounded off with musk, vanilla and moss. All in all, a unique diffusive creation.”

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